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    Vintage Carousels

    Can you smell the cotton candy? Do you hear the barkers in the midway daring you to test your game skills? This five-stamp issue featuring vintage carousels from across Canada is designed to bring you back to the summer fun of your youth.

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    Help for Ukraine

    Recognizing the generosity of Canadians in times of need, Canada Post has issued a semi-postal fundraising stamp to offer our customers and collectors an opportunity to support those impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Funds raised through the purchase of this stamp will be distributed through the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

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    Indigenous Leaders

    Proud advocates for the rights and well-being of their people, the three modern-day Indigenous leaders in this inaugural series are honoured for dedicating their lives to preserving Métis, First Nations and Inuit culture and improving the quality of life of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

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    Vintage Travel Posters

    Eye-catching and elegant, travel posters produced by companies such as the Canadian Pacific Railway beckoned visitors to explore Canada’s wild beauty and urban attractions in the early 20th century. The five featured on these stamps recall what was a golden age of commercial art in this country.

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    Endangered Whales

    Canadian waters are home to more than half of the approximately 60 species of whales found in the world. Unfortunately, the five featured on these stamps have populations that have been assessed as Endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Seven other species are also at risk.

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    Salome Bey

    This stamp celebrates the life and work of Salome Bey, known as Canada’s First Lady of the Blues, who provided inspiration and mentoring for young Black performers.

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    A copper lantern embellished with intricately pierced designs casts patterns of dappled, multi-coloured light on this new stamp celebrating two of Islam’s most important religious holidays: Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Fast Breaking) and Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice).

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    Organ and Tissue Donation

    On April 6, 2018, Canadians across the country were horrified to learn of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus crash in Saskatchewan that ended the lives of 16 people and injured 13 others. Defenceman Logan Boulet succumbed to his injuries the following day. Knowing their son had registered as an organ donor, his parents donated his organs, which saved six lives. Logan had been inspired by his coach and mentor Ric Suggitt, who passed away in mid-2017 and also saved six lives as a donor.

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    Most of us refer to the graceful trumpet-shaped flowers that often adorn weddings and other occasions as calla lilies. But it seems we've been wrong all along! The calla (Zantedeschia) – native to the southern parts of Africa – isn't a lily at all. It's a member of the unusual arum family (Araceae), which includes peace lily, skunk cabbage and jack-in-the-pulpit.

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    Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    This year marks Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary as sovereign – and platinum jubilee celebrations will be held in Commonwealth countries around the globe. On February 6, 1952, the then-princess was just 25 years old, and the mother of two young children with her naval husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, when she ascended the throne on the death of her father, King George VI. Queen Elizabeth II is Canada's longest reigning sovereign, a distinction she achieved in September 2015.

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