Find a missing package that shows as "Delivered"

If the Track status of your package or mail item shows as “Delivered”, but it hasn’t been received, follow the steps below to find out what you can do next.

1. Make sure the package was addressed correctly

We deliver packages and mail items as addressed and will make every attempt to correct any addressing issues. However, we can’t correct an address on a package once it has been mailed.

Review the address to make sure your package was addressed correctly. Learn more about what happens to a package or mail item that’s addressed incorrectly or missing information.

2. Look around the delivery location for your package

If you can’t find your delivery at your door, check the following locations:

Delivery location Where to look
  • Around your property. The delivery person might have left the package in a secure location or left a Delivery Notice Card.
  • Check with everyone in the household. Someone else may have received or retrieved the package.
  • Check Track to see if someone signed for your package. If they did, see if it matches anyone in the household.
Apartment building
  • Your individual mailbox
  • Parcel locker (we leave a key in your mailbox)
  • Security desk
  • Building superintendent or concierge
  • Mailroom
  • Front desk or security
  • Courier service or a third-party
Community mailbox
  • Your individual mailbox 
  • Parcel compartment (we leave a key in your mailbox)
Large institution (for example, a university)

The mailroom. This is our final point of delivery. Some time may pass before the mailroom delivers the package to you (or will tell you to pick it up).

Safe drop

A safe location on the property. Check around to find the package. Check with other members of the household, as they may have taken the package into the house.

If you still can’t find the package, let us know. We want to help you find it.

Ask us to start an investigation into the missing package and we’ll try to find and deliver it.

Please note

Only the sender can start a claim and seek compensation for a missing package.