How do I find out who signed for a package?

    To view or print the delivery confirmation online

    1. Go to the Track page, enter your tracking number, and select the "Track" button.
    2. Select the "delivery details" hyperlink to expand the information.
    3. In the delivery details section, select "view delivery confirmation" (Internet Explorer) or "download delivery confirmation" (all other browsers). You can also select this hyperlink within the "delivery progress" section in the "progress" column.
    4. When prompted, enter the destination postal code and complete the verification. You will then be able to view or download a PDF copy of the delivery confirmation.

    The delivery confirmation is available online for 45 days after your package is delivered. If you need a hard copy of the delivery confirmation from Canada Post, contact us.

    Signature is not online

    If your item was delivered and a signature was obtained, but the delivery confirmation is not available online, contact us to access it.