Automatic Tracking FAQ

    What is Automatic Tracking?

    Automatic tracking is a free customer delivery feature offered by Canada Post. It allows you to have Canada Post packages that are addressed to you, and to your FlexDeliveryTM address (if applicable) automatically added to your logged in Canada Post Track list. It also means you’ll receive notifications for these packages and can set a preferred safe drop location for eligible packages in case delivery is attempted at your door.

    What notifications can I receive with Automatic Tracking?

    When you subscribe for automatic tracking you will be opted in to receive tracking email notifications. You’ll receive notification emails when:

    • We have identified a Canada Post package being sent to you
    • An unforeseen delivery interruption has occurred, for example when a package has been returned to sender or has an addressing error
    • You have applicable duty and taxes owing with the ability to pay them online prior to delivery
    • Your package is out for delivery, ready for pickup at a post office or delivered to a residence, community mailbox or parcel locker

    You can opt-out at any time within your profile settings – be sure to keep your email address up to date in your Canada Post online profile.

    Why am I asked to add alternate names and how will they be used?

    The name on your government issued ID and other information may not be the same as the name you use when ordering items online. As well, friends and family may use a nickname for you when sending a gift.

    To best identify packages being sent to you, we need to know the proper spelling of all the names you anticipate having on your packages.

    You can add up to 5 variations of your own name. Please ensure the alternate names you enter include your full first and last name as they would appear on a package.

    Why am I not seeing a Canada Post tracking number on my logged in Track list?

    There are several reasons why a Canada Post package may not be on your logged in Track list. It could be too early in the delivery process, or it could also be too late – for example the package is out for delivery or delivered.

    Items you return will not be shown as they will not match your address - items you order and send to others will not be visible. You can always add a tracking number manually to your track list.

    I don’t recognize a tracking number that was added to my Track list. Why would that be?

    Even if you don’t recognize a package, it could still be yours. It might be a gift from a friend or family member, or a partial delivery from an online retailer.

    If you are not completely sure, you can flag it as not my package. Flagging a package will not affect its delivery but will report it to us. This will help our systems refine our automatic tracking service.