What can I do if my package is in customs?

All packages arriving in Canada are screened by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Times for packages to clear customs vary. Delays can occur due to the package itself, its documentation or the volume of packages in customs at the time.

Once a package is with customs, we can’t intervene or ask about the status of the package. However, your package will be delivered as quickly as possible upon release.

How the customs process works:

  1. We present all incoming international packages to the CBSA for customs review.
  2. The CBSA visually inspects each package or mail item.
  3. Package contents that aren’t considered prohibited or restricted, and that are not subject to duty or taxes, are released at this stage. Packages that need further inspection are held for further action.
  4. Once your package has cleared customs, it’s handed over to us for delivery. We update tracking to show the package has cleared customs and is on its way to you.

What you can do: