Shipping and marketing tools and discounts for Solutions for Small BusinessTM members

    For customers transitioning from a large-volume contract to a Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM account.

    How will the recent change to my account impact my postage meter? Can I still use if for Lettermail, Transaction Mail and Direct Mail services?

    Postage meters can still be used for Lettermail, Transaction and Direct Mail services.

    Parcel services
    As of March 31, 2017, postage meter is no longer an acceptable form of payment for parcels, however, Supplier Account is available.

    I currently use EST Online or EST Desktop 2.0. Can I continue to use these shipping tools?

    Yes, you can continue to use EST Online or EST Desktop 2.0. You also have access to our newest online shipping tool designed especially for small businesses – Canada Post Snap ShipTM.

    In EST Desktop 2.0, I can’t complete end-of-day transactions anymore. What can I do?

    The “End of day” process is not a feature offered to Solutions for Small Business customers. Instead, click on “Print and Process” and follow the steps listed.

    Do I have access to Scheduled pickup?

    Scheduled pickup is available at a nominal fee to business customers who have a yearly parcel spend of at least $2,500. Scheduled Pickup allows you to have your parcels picked up at the same time(s) every week. You’ll need a valid credit card entered on your profile to access the Scheduled Pickup program. Conditions and additional fees may apply.

    Do I have access to On-demand pickup?

    On-demand pickup is available to all small business customers at a cost of $3.50 per pickup no matter how many packages you have. You can manage all your pickup requests online and set up and modify your requests when it’s convenient for you.

    I no longer have a parcel agreement. What options are available?

    You can use all Canada Post online shipping tools without an agreement. You may need to remove the agreement number if you continue to use the same shipping tool.

    Snap Ship – New online shipping tool
    Snap Ship lets you compare services and tiered parcel rates, print your shipping labels and request a pickup in just a few clicks.

    Shipping discounts for small businesses
    New! Tiered parcel rates can help you save up to 34% on shipping across Canada, up to 23% to the U.S.A. and up to 47% to international destinations.

    How our rates work
    At the end of each full quarter, we'll review your shipping history and adjust your parcel savings level based on the amount you spent during the past 12 months on parcel services.

    I no longer have access to a Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM (direct mail campaign) agreement. What options are available?

    You don’t need an agreement or signed contract to use Neighbourhood Mail. You’ll have access to the Solutions for Small Business volume discounts.

    Savings level

    Number of Neighbourhood Mail pieces/year
    60, 001–100,000


    Snap AdmailTM and Snap digital
    Snap Admail takes care of the creative design, neighbourhood targeting, printing and delivery to your prospective customers – all for one low price.

    Snap Digital gives you an online presence and lets you compete with larger businesses, on a small business budget.

    Direct mail partner
    Make your next direct mail campaign easier with the expert advice from Canada Post’s Smartmail MarketingTM (direct mail) partners.

    Precision Targeter
    Precision Targeter can help you reach your best prospects. This free online tool lets you plan your next mailing using interactive maps and demographic data. Simply develop your creative for flyers, postcards or samples and send your direct mail to every mailbox in a selected neighbourhood.