Frequently asked questions: Payment and invoice options for Solutions for Small Business

    What payment options are available to me?

    As a Solutions for Small Business customer, you can pay for Canada Post products and services using any major credit card. If you have an active postage meter, you can continue using Supplier Account as a method of payment where available.

    Where can I get a record of my charges?

    A record of your charges is available in your online business Dashboard. Log in using your business credentials to view, download or print your Canada Post invoices.

    What should I expect to see on my invoices?

    In-depth information for every mailing or shipment and a detailed order breakdown (e.g., individual tracking numbers and statement of mailing) for your current invoice cycle.

    Why aren't retail transactions on the invoice?

    Retail transactions are done at the point of sale and the record of charges is provided to the customer at time of purchase.

    How can I get a record that includes my retail transactions?

    If you require a summary of charges for your retail transactions, please call our Solutions for Small Business line at 1-877-262-5762.

    When will I see my invoices?

    Invoices for online transactions are generated at the end of every month and based on Canada Post's billing cycles.

    How far back does my invoice history go?

    Invoices are available for 18 months. We recommend that you save your invoices before they are no longer available.

    What if I need invoices dating back further than 18 months?

    For invoices older than 18 months, please call our Solutions for Small Business line at 1-877-262-5762.

    How can I save my invoices?

    The download button located to the right of the invoice will allow you to view, print or save the invoice.

    Can I view my invoices in another language?

    Invoices are made available in the language indicated when your account was set up. To change the language of your communications with Canada Post, please call our Solutions for Small Business line at 1-877-262-5762.

    I do not see an option for invoices on my Dashboard?

    Ensure that you are logged in using your Solutions for Small Business credentials. Depending on your device, invoices can be accessed using the View invoices link at the top of the Dashboard, or by using the navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen. If you still do not see an option to access your invoices after logging in, please call our Technical Helpdesk at 1-877-376-1212.

    I see a charge for Volumetric Equivalent on my invoice. What is this?

    Volumetric equivalent is a tool developed according to an industry standard of typical parcel densities that helps calculate a more accurate shipping price for an item’s weight and the space it occupies in a truck or airplane.

    When your item is processed, our automated sorting machines weigh and measure it. If there is a discrepancy between the weight and measurements entered when you placed your order, additional charges may apply. It is important to accurately weigh and measure your parcel when completing your order in the shipping system. Please do not estimate.

    Curious about how shipping costs are calculated? Read our article, "Understanding cubing: How to avoid unexpected shipping fees."