Frequently asked questions about the benefits and features of Postal Code Targeting

    What is Postal Code Targeting and where does it fit in my marketing plan?

    Postal Code Targeting is a new acquisition solution that integrates easily into omni-channel marketing campaigns. It leverages the data behind each postal code to help marketers find new audiences who resemble their current best customers.

    A broad range of geographic, demographic and lifestyle criteria can be applied to postal codes. Businesses can leverage their current data, or strengthen it with Canada Post data, to target prospects.

    Businesses can also suppress current customer addresses from their mailing. This means that acquisition dollars work harder for a better return on marketing investment.

    Postal Code Targeting is a Standard machineable mail item printed with a unique 2D data matrix barcode. During processing, the address found within the barcode is applied to the mail item which is then sequenced for delivery.

    It’s the newest addition to the Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ suite of solutions.

    How is the Postal Code Targeting service different from Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ and Canada Post Personalized Mail™?

    Neighbourhood Mail™ is a great awareness and acquisition tool. Delivered to an average of 500 points of call, it reaches everyone who lives on a specific postal walk, that is, every home, apartment, business or farm. There is no address on a Neighbourhood Mail item. Typically, marketers use demographic and geographic data to determine the best postal walk for their mailing campaign.

    Postal Code Targeting allows marketers to reach everyone within a single postal code while suppressing existing customers, making it the ideal solution for acquisition. It reaches an average of 20 points of call. Postal Code Targeting leverages a 2D data matrix barcode to deliver the mail item to the address targeted; an address is included in the 2D data matrix barcode and can only be read by Canada Post’s machines. Marketers can leverage their own customer postal code data to find new look-alike customers, or use Canada Post data to select postal codes with attributes of their ideal customers.

    Personalized Mail™ is a great way to retain best customers and build relationships through one-to-one engagement. It is delivered to a single address and personalized with a name and address, or just a complete address. Businesses can use their existing customer list or purchase a targeted list from Canada Post for their mailing.

    Can I see examples of Postal Code Targeting case studies and customer success stories?

    Yes. We tested with 55 customers, many of whom participated more than once. These satisfied customers are starting to use Postal Code Targeting as an integral part of their acquisition strategy. Contact your Canada Post representative for customer testimonials.

    Is Postal Code Targeting an addressed mail product?

    Postal Code Targeting is an addressed product because the address (point of call) information is embedded in the 2D data matrix barcode you print on each mail piece. During processing, the address found within the barcode is applied to the mail item. Your mailing is then processed and delivered in the addressed mail stream.

    Why are Postal Code Targeting and machineable Personalized Mail™ specifications different?

    In order to be fully processed in our mechanized mail stream, Postal Code Targeting mail items must be fully machineable, See the Postal Code Targeting Guide for full details.

    Can you mail samples using Postal Code Targeting?

    Yes. As long as the item meets machineable mail standards, it can be submitted for Postal Code Targeting testing.

    Can I use a customized indicia?

    Yes. Refer to the Postal Code Targeting pricing customer guide for full details.

    Does Consumers’ Choice apply to Postal Code Targeting?

    No. Consumers’ Choice only applies to unaddressed mail and Postal Code Targeting is an addressed mail product.

    Does CASL (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) apply to Postal Code Targeting?

    No. CASL does not apply to physical mail – you do not need customer opt-in to send direct mail. That’s why online businesses like Google use it to acquire new customers.

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