Online security for your business account

    For customers with a Canada Post commercial business account or Solutions for Small Business account

    How does a person ‘link’ to my business account?

    On our website, users can create a profile and link to an existing business account by providing the customer number, the postal code of the business address, and if applicable, the contract number for the account.

    Why am I getting the user linking notification email?

    For commercial accounts, you are the Prime or Billing contact on the account that the user has linked to. For Solutions for Small Business accounts, the prime contacts linked to the account get the new user linking notification.

    When do we send a linking notification email?

    After March 2021, when a user comes to the Canada Post website to create an online profile attached to an existing business account, we will send an email to the account Prime and Billing contacts (for commercial accounts) or the Prime contacts (for Solutions for Small Business accounts) to notify them of the linking user, and allow them to unlink the user.

    How do I unlink a user from my account?

    You can unlink the user from the email you received. The unlink action is valid for 30 days after receiving the email. If you get an error while unlinking a user, please reattempt at a later time.

    What do I do if the link in my email notification is expired?

    Please contact the technical support helpdesk at 1-877-376-1212.

    What do I do if unauthorized orders occur on my account?

    If you notice suspicious activity on your account, please call our Credit Management group (for commercial customers) at 1-800-267-7651 or Solutions for Small Business at 1-877-262-5762 to open an investigation.

    How can I get somebody relinked if I have accidentally unlinked them?

    You should advise the user to sign into the Canada Post website and relink to your business account.

    Can the notification be resent?

    The notifications are auto generated and cannot be resent.

    What can I do to keep my own online profile secure?

    Here are some best practices to keep your profile secure

    • Don’t share your username and password with others
    • Update your password regularly
    • Longer passwords are generally more secure than shorter passwords
    • Keep your security questions and profile information up to date