Online profiles for commercial customers

    If you are a commercial customer who has signed an agreement with Canada Post, you can create an online profile. Your profile will allow you to sign in and use our online shipping and mailing tools and services. Your employees can each create their own online profiles under your customer number.

    Before you create your commercial customer profile

    First you’ll need a commercial customer number and an agreement number. If you do not have these find out how to become a commercial customer.

    Are you a small business?

    You need a Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM customer number to create an online profile. This gives you access to our online shipping tools like Canada Post Snap ShipTM. Your online profile also gives you access to the Canada Post online dashboard, where you’ll find shipping, marketing and e-commerce tools and services to help run your business.

    Before you create your small business online profile

    Have your Solutions for Small Business customer number and postal code ready.

    If you are not already a Solutions for Small Business member, you can sign up now – it’s free.