Deposit location types

We’ve assessed the capabilities of our deposit locations to make sure they’re properly equipped and capable of handling your mail efficiently and on time. We’ve defined the type of mail and the volume which we can accept by deposit location type.

Receipt Verification Units (RVUs)

Receipt Verification Units (RVUs) accept all products and all volumes except for Machineable Mail (mail prepared under the Machineable Mail Specifications). Not all RVUs can accept all Machineable Mail (see the Induction locations and cut-off times table).

Commercial Deposit Centres (CDCs)

Commercial Deposit Centres (CDCs) accept, verify, and process commercial mailings except for Machineable Publications Mail (we'll refer you to the nearest Receipt Verification Unit [RVU]). We’ll continue to process commercial mailings deposited at a CDC at one of our mail processing plants.

Monotainers or pallets

Level 1: 2 shipping units

Level 2: 3 shipping units

Level 3: 7 shipping units

Corporate Post Offices

Corporate Post Offices accept all commercial mailings except Machineable Publications Mail and Postal Code Targeting (we’ll refer you to the nearest Commercial Deposit Centre [CDC] or Receipt Verification Unit [RVU]).

Level 1: 5 containers

Level 2: 12 containers

Delivery Facilities

Delivery Facilities accept Neighbourhood Mail™ for local delivery (up to full coverage for that Delivery Facility). This isn’t applicable for mailings needing transportation to another delivery facility.

Please note:

Delivery Facilities aren’t equipped to process mail received in monotainers or pallets that are double-stacked. A monotainer can accommodate about 48 letterflatainers (LFTs) (40 letterflatainers with lids) or 24 Flats tubs.

Refer to the Find a deposit location tool to identify the right deposit location for your mailing based on mail type and quantity.