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Delivery standards are the expected transit time – in business days – from the day of deposit (day 0) to delivery for items deposited before the local cut-off time.

A business day is a day other than:

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • A statutory holiday
  • Any day observed as a holiday by us

For all services, we consider deposits on days other than business days as accepted on the next business day. We consider items deposited after the last collection time specified on the street letter box, or after the cut-off time of the deposit location approved by us, as deposited on the next business day. Visit our Direct Marketing and Transaction Mail depositing information page for the list of deposit location cut-off times. We base delivery standards on available transportation. They’re subject to change without notice.

The delivery standards don’t apply to items that we return to sender or forward. Other exceptions may apply.

Our On-Time Delivery Guarantee applies to some services. Except where the On-Time Delivery Guarantee applies, all delivery standards are estimates only and aren't guaranteed. The On-Time Delivery Guarantee is subject to terms and conditions. 

The information provided on these pages is subject to change without notice.