Prepaid reloadable cards

    Buy prepaid reloadable cards at the post office

    Ideal for travel or as a card dedicated to online shopping. Cards can be purchased at most post office locations with no credit history or banking information required for purchase.

    Find a post office

    Why buy a prepaid reloadable card*


    Your money is safe with chip and PIN protection that isn’t linked to your bank account.

    Easy to use

    Load the card with funds and use it right away. No credit history or banking information is required.


    Perfect for everyday use, in-store and online. Great for budgeting and managing your money while travelling.

    Which card should you choose?*

    Canada Post Prepaid Reloadable Visa® card***

    Canada Post Prepaid Reloadable Visa cards are no longer available for purchase and cannot be reloaded or used as of December 31, 2021.

    Customers with a remaining balance on their Canada Post Prepaid Reloadable Visa card can expect to receive a reimbursement cheque mid-February, 2022 at the last mailing address on file. For questions or to update a mailing address, please call the number on the back of the card (1-844-590-8876).

    How much does it cost?^

    Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard
    Purchase $15
    Reload $3

    Monthly fee

    $2.80 monthly inactivity fee1
    Transaction fee 1.5% for domestic spend only
    Purchase Reload

    Monthly fee

    Transaction fee
    Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard $15 $3 $2.80 monthly inactivity fee1 1.5% for domestic spend only
    Get more information about all the fees for Mastercard Cash Passport.

    How prepaid cards work

    1. Go to the post office
      Bring a valid government-issued photo ID.
    2. Load your card with funds
      Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard customers can load Canadian dollars and lock in their exchange rate (7 currencies available).
    3. Spend your money online or in-store
      The cards are accepted at millions of merchants worldwide and online.
    4. Keep track of your money
      Review your transactions and balance online, or use the Zenwallet app to keep track on-the-go (available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores).
    Find a post office

    How to reload your prepaid card

    Go to a Canada Post location near you. Bring your card or QR code to be scanned, load the card using cash or debit and access your money right away.

    Looking for more details?

    Read the terms and conditions for Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard.