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April 15, 2024

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New Canada Post stamps raise awareness of endangered frogs

Oregon spotted frog and Fowler’s toad are on Canada’s list of endangered species

April 15, 2024

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PORT ROWAN, Ont. – Canada Post has issued new stamps drawing attention to two of the country’s endangered frog species.

The two stamps feature the Oregon spotted frog and Fowler’s toad. Both on Canada’s endangered species list, the frogs have experienced habitat loss from human activity, invasive organisms and pollution.

Fowler’s toad (Anaxyrus fowleri)

In Canada, Fowler’s toads are found only on the north shore of Lake Erie (in Ontario), often on its sandy beaches and dunes. The primarily nocturnal animals are also found in much of the eastern United States.

Adults range in size from about 5 cm to over 8 cm in length and breed in shallow ponds, pools and marshes. They are grey to buff-coloured, with small dark spots and warts on the back, and have a white or cream-coloured belly.

Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa)

In Canada, Oregon spotted frogs live exclusively in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. In the United States, their California population has disappeared; however, they are still found in Oregon and parts of Washington state. 

The webbing on their hind feet extends to the tip of their toes, making them efficient swimmers. Unlike most other frogs, their eyes are angled upward, allowing them to be almost entirely submerged while seeing above the water. Adult Oregon spotted frogs are brown or reddish-brown, with light‑centred black spots on their heads, backs, sides and legs.

About the stamps

Designed by Jocelyne Saulnier, Joce Creative, illustrated by Emily S. Damstra and printed by Lowe-Martin, the stamp issue includes 250,000 booklets of 10 Permanent™ domestic rate stamps, 6,000 Official First Day Covers and 40,000 souvenir sheets.

The stamp cancel location is Port Rowan, Ontario, a town on the north shore of Lake Erie close to the habitat of Fowler’s toads. The souvenir sheet background image shows an Oregon spotted frog peeking up from the water’s surface.

Stamps and collectibles are available at and postal outlets across Canada.

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