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May 31, 2021

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Canada Post launches its Accessibility Strategy

Initiatives to improve accessibility of Canada Post services, post offices and workplace

May 31, 2021

Posted in News Releases

OTTAWA – As Canadians celebrate National AccessAbility Week, Canada Post is proud to take a major step in creating a more inclusive and accessible country for people living with disabilities.

Currently, 6.2 million Canadians are living with at least one disability, and as the population ages, the prevalence of disability is increasing. Canada Post recognizes that accessibility matters and that Canadians expect the postal service to take a leadership role on key issues affecting their lives.

Canada Post is proud to launch its Accessibility Strategy, which will help improve accessibility in the thousands of communities it serves.

Developed with input from people living with disabilities, this comprehensive plan includes four pillars that ensure all Canadians can access Canada Post’s services, products and post offices with ease, and work with the Corporation without barriers.

The four pillars of Canada Post’s Accessibility Strategy

  • Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce culture: Canada Post is removing barriers to enable people with disabilities to fully participate in its workforce, and embedding accessibility into its culture through awareness and education.
  • Delighting customers: Canada Post is increasing the accessibility of its products and services – including digital features and platforms – and improving the delivery experience through enhanced customer service.
  • Building accessible barrier-free spaces: Canada Post will be ensuring all new post offices and facilities are universally accessible. It will also be auditing and, enhancing the accessibility of its existing buildings over time.
  • Seeking inclusive business opportunities: Canada Post will be promoting accessibility and inclusion in its supply chain, and creating opportunities for business owners from the disability community. 

Joining the Valuable 500

To demonstrate its commitment to accessibility, Canada Post joined the Valuable 500, a global movement that unites 500 influential brands to facilitate systemic change and put disability inclusion on their board’s agenda. 

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To learn more, you can view a video in which Cheryl Hodder, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, introduces and shares details of the Canada Post Accessibility Strategy. You can also find more information at

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