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November 13, 2018

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CUPW begins fourth week of strikes by closing two major processing centres, causing further backlogs and delays

November 13, 2018

Posted in News Releases

OTTAWA – Despite lengthy discussions and continued proposals by Canada Post to respond to the union’s demands through three rounds of mediation, we are still no closer to a deal.

The Corporation has made significant offers to CUPW that include increased wages, job security and improved benefits, and it has not asked for any concessions in return. We value the relationship with the union and have responded to their major demands with meaningful improvements and a commitment to continue to work together to find solutions that address the changing nature of the work and the health and safety of employees.

It’s important that we move forward together to resolve negotiations in a manner that treats employees fairly and ensures the postal service remains strong without putting an unreasonable financial burden on our customers.

Impact on Service

Unfortunately, the growing impact of the union’s rotating strikes on postal operations across the country means Canada Post must suspend its service delivery guarantees until further notice.

We will continue to make best efforts to deliver, but the union’s strike efforts have caused significant backlogs and delays throughout our network. As of today, our major processing centre in Vancouver was shut down from Friday evening to Tuesday morning and Toronto is now shut down, significantly impacting our ability to process mail and parcels. In Toronto alone, more than 180 trailers full of parcels, packets and mail sit idle as the union shuts down the facility for a third time in less than a month. Striking to shut down a processing facility not only impacts our operations at that location, it chokes the flow of mail and parcels to our delivery facilities.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are advising customers to expect delays. We remain committed to serving Canadians and will continue to do everything possible to minimize the impacts of the union’s strike activities.

Customers can go to for updates or follow us on twitter @canadapostcorp for the latest developments.

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