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July 26, 2018

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Weather Wonders stamps feature five stunning images

New stamps follow up on popular first instalment released in 2015

July 26, 2018

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NORTH BAY, Ontario – We talk about it in the elevators and hallways of our work. We monitor it morning, noon and night, dress up for it and plan our days around it. We obsess about it, and are captivated by its beauty and force. The weather – in all its wonder – takes centre stage again in Canada Post's latest stamp issue.

Weather Wonders, Part 2 is a five-stamp issue that showcases some of Canada's most awe-inspiring weather phenomena in photographs taken from across the country. This year's release follows up on the wildly popular first weather wonders issue of 2015, which featured striking images of hoar frost, early-morning fog, a double rainbow, lightning and sun dogs.

This year's collection features five new photos of unique and distinctly beautiful weather events:

  • Mark Newman's photograph of a thick layer of steam fog over an unidentified British Columbia lake was taken just as an icy wind caused humid air to condense over the warmer surface. The image beautifully captures a moody, almost ghostly, scene.
  • Garry M. Cass photographed a magnificent, if not menacing, waterspout over Lake Ontario near Toronto. These swirling funnels of water can be just as dangerous as land-based twisters.
  • Marilyn Dunstan's bucolic photo of lenticular clouds – some call them UFO clouds because of their disc-like shape – was taken in Jasper National Park in Alberta.
  • Timmy Joe Elzinga snapped spectacular light pillars reflecting the city lights of North Bay, Ontario. These can appear when ice crystals in the air reflect light drawn from artificial sources.
  • David McColm's photograph forever freezes a moon halo in Whistler, B.C. The weather phenomenon is the result of airborne ice crystals refracting the moonlight on a chilly night.

Elzinga recalls first seeing "dancing beams of light" in the winter sky after waking to tend to a crying child. It was "like something out of Star Trek," prompting him to open his bathroom window, remove the screen and take "as many pictures as possible." When posted online, the images went viral, drawing worldwide attention.

Newman's steam fog shot adorns the cover of the booklet of 10 stamps. The souvenir sheet and Official First Day Cover include all five weather-themed stamps designed by Parcel Design of Toronto.

Click here for stamp images and Details magazine.

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