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August 07, 2014

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Canada Post marks 100th-year anniversary of the Régiment de Hull with commemorative envelope

August 07, 2014

Posted in News Releases

Ottawa (Ont.) – Today, Canada Post is releasing a new commemorative envelope to recognize the Régiment de Hull and its 100 years of service. The envelope illustrates archival photographs that recall the earlier days and later service in Germany, Korea, Cyprus, Israel, Haiti, the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

The Régiment de Hull, known then as the 230th Battalion French Canadian Voltigeurs, was established in 1914, as a response to the outbreak of the First World War. Upon its arrival in Europe, the regiment served as part of the Forestry Corps. Volunteers also chose to serve at the front alongside the Royal 22nd Régiment, among other regiments.

"Commemorating defining moments of this country’s history is important, as is remembering the incredible stories as they truly mark the contributions Canadians have made," says Jim Phillips, Director of Stamp Services at Canada Post.

Since its formation in 1914, the regiment has served in many operational tasks around the world, has taken part in defending our country’s territory and continues to be an armoured reconnaissance unit for the Canadian Forces.

"Our regiment has been an integral part of French-Canadian culture and military heritage since August 7, 1914. We are proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary and will hold several events that will allow members, past and present, as well as friends of the regiment to renew their pride and sense of belonging. We are also very pleased to invite the population to visit us at our open-house event this Saturday, August 9," says Lieutenant-Colonel Marcel Duguay, Commanding Officer of the Régiment de Hull.

During the Second World War, the regiment defended Canada at home and, in August 1943, assisted in the invasion of Kiska Island in the Aleutians. During this period, the soldiers faced the worst weather endured by the Canadian Army. After the war, the regiment went through numerous changes, becoming an armoured regiment, a light armoured regiment, and then finally an armoured reconnaissance unit.

The Salaberry Armoury, home to the Régiment de Hull, is located in Gatineau, Québec. The building has been identified as a historic site and was used as the site of local recruitment during the Second World War. The image of the historic building appears on the envelope’s postage.


About the commemorative envelope

The Régiment de Hull commemorative envelope was designed by Katie Deering, a Canada Post designer, and 8,000 envelopes were printed by Lowe-Martin Group. The envelope measures 170 mm by 115 mm. Images are from the Régiment de Hull. The envelope will be cancelled in Gatineau, Québec. To purchase philatelic products, please visit