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March 06, 2017


March 06, 2017

Since October 2014, customers have not been provided manual COD labels.

* four part form #33-086-414 and five part form #33-086-397

Please note that any item shipped using the obsolete manual C.O.D. labels after April 3, 2017 will be returned to you as our network will no longer support these labels.  Return charges will apply and the C.O.D. service fee will not be refunded.  To ensure you are not faced with these issues, we request you immediately discard any remaining C.O.D. labels and begin using one of the other options to create a C.O.D. label.

Either of these options will make shipping simpler and reduce the time it takes to collect and reconcile C.O.D. payments back to you.  Before you call for pick-up or go to the post office:

  • Complete the simple online Collection on Delivery (C.O.D.) form at and print the barcoded C.O.D. label with your information, or
  • Prepare shipping labels using Canada Post Electronic Shipping Tools at

You can also take your parcel to the post office where a clerk will be pleased to prepare the C.O.D. label for you.  To find a post office located close to you visit

Visit us online for more information on shipping and receiving COD items.

If you have any questions regarding these shipping labels, don’t hesitate to contact our Commercial Service Network at 1-866-757-5480.

For general information regarding the Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM program, contact us at 1-877-262-5762 or at