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May 28, 2013

Click here to Buy & Sell…Click Fraud?

May 28, 2013

Internet advertising is certainly booming… the days of putting up posters in local neighbourhood community centres about yard sales and other classifieds is quickly migrating over to online channels. And why not – a few clicks now allows consumers to connect with interested buyers and sellers faster than ever.

And Canada Post is certainly adapting to the digital future by evolving its products and services to fit the changing digital needs of Canadians. Have you signed up for Canada Post's digital mailbox yet?

But remember, as Canadians continue to digitize their lives, fraudsters are also using these inter-connected channels too! The best defence to fight fraud is recognize it…report it…and stop it!

A few helpful tips to consider when advertising or buying online:

  • Always ensure funds have been transferred appropriately before shipping the product – fraudsters have been known to develop fictitious email confirmations regarding payment transfers;
  • Always log directly into your account – do not follow any email links!
  • Be extra cautious when sending high-valued items especially if the billing address differs from the shipping address;
  • Be careful when the buyer is residing in another country and all the dealing is done by emails and text messages and they are more interested by the financial transaction then the item itself.
  • Take your time and exercise your due diligence – don't fall prey to those "rush shipment at any cost" or "I will overpay and you send me the difference" request types.
  • Communicate your expectations clearly when buying or selling online. This firm approach will let fraudsters know you are not a potential victim.

Protect yourself – make sure you have all of the facts before buying or selling merchandise online. The same golden rule applies in this digital channel – "if it sounds to good to be true… it probably is".

If you suspect you have been victimized, please report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or your local police agency.

Visit the postal security page to learn more about security at Canada Post.