Redirect packages and simplify your operations

Use our online tool to change the destination of your shipments while in transit and prevent fraudulent purchases from being delivered, get ahead of product recalls and rectify shipping errors.

Benefit from Package Redirection

Act swiftly to stop fraud

Once you detect fraudulent activity, you can redirect the associated shipment back to your business after it’s left your store or distribution center.

Correct delivery details

In the event that there was an error inputting the receivers address details, you can update this information and avoid the package being delivered to the wrong person or a delay in delivery.

Connect to your Canada Post account

Package Redirection automatically pulls information about your shipping services and payment information from your Canada Post account to facilitate shipment redirection. You can also access and track redirected shipments directly through your account.

Increase the speed of product recall

Redirect shipments of recalled products before they get to your customers and mitigate your follow-up efforts.

How it works

Register for a Canada Post account or sign in to use the online Package Redirection tool. Packages can only be re-routed when they originate from Canada and are still in the country.

  1. Find out if your package is eligible for redirectionEnter your item’s tracking number in the Package Redirection tool. View our terms and conditions to learn about redirection eligibility.
  2. Input the new destination addressEnter the new recipient details.
  3. Add another packageEligibility for shipment redirection is assessed one package at a time however you can add up to 10 packages to your order.
  4. Track the redirectionGet status updates on your redirected package by email. You can get updates sent to multiple people.
  5. Review and pre-authorize paymentReview and pre-authorize the payment of the $13 redirection fee, per package, plus applicable shipping fees. Payment will be processed if the redirection is successfulFootnote 1.

How to get started

You need a Canada Post account linked to your commercial contract and associated postal code to use Package Redirection. Access the online tool directly from your account to create a request and track the package.

Redirect a package

Go to reference for footnote 1. Many factors may impact on Canada Post’s ability to redirect the package and you acknowledge that although Canada Post will endeavour to give effect to your redirection request, successful redirection is not warranted and expressly disclaimed.