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Canada Post’s Smartmail MarketingTM provides 3 direct mail targeting solutions to ensure your marketing message is delivered to the right people. Want help choosing the best option?

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The integrated marketing advantage

Incorporate direct mail into your marketing mix to amplify your social and digital strategies. When all channels work together, you create better returns and increase campaign performance.


of Canadians read the direct mail they receive


of Canadians visit a store or website after receiving direct mail


of consumers bought online or in store after receiving direct mail


more time is spent with integrated campaigns than with digital-only

Source: Connecting for Action, 2016; Compu-Mail, 2020

Our 3 direct mail solutions

With the power of data targeting, direct mail becomes Smartmail Marketing. Whether you’re targeting a broad area (Neighborhood Mail™), a select few (Postal Code Targeting) or individuals (Personalized Mail™), our tools and solutions will help you make meaningful connections with Canadians from coast to coast.

Neighbourhood Mail™

Use postal code and demographic data to get into the homes of Canadians within a specific neighbourhood, city, province or the entire country.

  • Mass awareness and acquisition
  • Wide reach - large area

Example: A new business announcing its opening in the community.

Postal Code Targeting

Pinpoint postal codes matching the profile of ideal prospects and focus on acquisition by suppressing existing customers.

  • Acquire new customers
  • Precise reach - targeted addresses

Example: A business targeting the neighbours of their best customers.

Personalized Mail™

Speak directly to your customer or prospect with a tailored, personally addressed message that can include customized offers.

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Focused reach - select individuals

Example: A business sending a customized offer to frequent customers.

Smart targeting

Whether you choose Neighborhood Mail, Postal Code Targeting or Personalized Mail, successful direct mail starts with data.

With billions of consumer data points and the largest geolocation targeting database in the country, Canada Post has the tools to help you put your brand into the homes of customers most likely to respond.

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Canada Post’s experts can help you choose the best Smartmail marketing solution for your business, provide step-by-step campaign guidance and ensure you have the data you need to meet your marketing goals.

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Work with a partner

Businesses of all sizes can also get help from our network of Canada Post Smartmail Marketing partners. This can include campaign planning, data and targeting, creative, printing and delivery to Canada Post.

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Data visualization tool

Refine your targeting strategy and improve campaign results.

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Visualize your data

The Essential Guide to Direct Mail

Learn how to plan, integrate and execute direct mail campaigns with this free guide.

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Download the guide

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