Find rates and ship

    Use online shipping tools to save time and money

    Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a larger-volume shipper, get a rate estimate and choose one of our online tools to prepare and print shipping labels, pay online and schedule pickups. It’s fast and easy!

    Find a rate

    Calculate and compare the cost of shipping and mailing within Canada and around the world. Businesses of all sizes can save money on our counter rates when they sign a large-volume contract or join our Canada Post Solutions for Small Business TM program. To see your potential savings as a small business member, make sure you select the "Show minimum online savings" link in our Find a rate tool.

    See counter rates

    Do you ship fewer than 1,250 parcels in Canada or 750 parcels internationally in a year?

    If you own or run a small business and you're a member of our small business program, we have an online shipping tool designed just for you.

    Online shipping

    Use our free shipping tool Canada Post Snap Ship™to prepare a shipment in as little as 5 minutes.

    Snap Ship lets you:
    • Get real-time rates based on shipment speed and details. 
    • Print your shipping label. 
    • Look up international customs codes. 
    • Request a pickup at your business. 
    • Pay online by credit card.
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    Do you ship more than 1,250 parcels in Canada or over 750 parcels internationally in a year?

    If you ship a lot of parcels, our volume-based discounts are built into our shipping tools for customers who’ve signed a contract. Use our online tools or download our desktop software.

    Online shipping

    Use our free online shipping tool Shipping Manager to prepare shipments to be sent worldwide.

    Shipping Manager lets you:
    • Pay less for volume-based shipping.
    • Access the tool right through your browser.
    • Compare prices and shipping speeds.
    • Print shipping labels.
    • Send email tracking numbers to your customers.
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    Desktop software

    Download our free desktop shipping software EST 2.0 to prepare multiple orders at once to send to any destination.

    EST 2.0 desktop shipping software lets you:
    • Pay less for volume-based shipping. 
    • Compare prices and shipping speeds. 
    • Allow multiple employees to access the tool at once. 
    • Send email tracking numbers to your customers. 
    • Print thermal or regular labels. 

    E-commerce merchants can ship directly from their platform when they integrate our shipping services. You get the same features and discounts as EST 2.0.
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    Still not sure which shipping tool is right for you?

    If you’ve never used our shipping tools before and you’re not sure which one is right for your business, we can help. We’ll answer your questions about how to:
    • Set up an online account. 
    • Get shipping discounts (for small businesses and larger-volume shippers). 
    • Create your order using our online tools.
    Contact a sales representative